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Marble Surface

Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

By Appointment Only

Facial Sculpting Massage 

Body Massage

Back & Scalp Massage

Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Body Lymphatic Drainage

30 minutes | £45

Sculpting facial massage to tone, tighten, lift and contour the facial muscles.

30 minutes | £45
1 hour | £85
1 hour 15 minutes | Incudes a 15 minute face or scalp massage | £125
1 hour 30 minutes | Includes a 30 minute Face and/or scalp massage | £150

A massage using carefully selected aromatherapy oils to relax and calm the muscles. ​This deeply restorative treatment is specifically designed to relieve stress and aching muscles. Swedish massage techniques are combined with essential oils known for their beneficial effects to work deeply on stiff muscles providing immediate pain relief. A dry body brush or exfoliation is applied prior to massage.

45 minutes |£55

A massage for the back and scalp using carefully selected aromatherapy oils to aid in relaxing the muscles and calming the mind. Includes exfoliation prior to massage.

30 minutes | £45

Detoxifying and de-puffing lymphatic drainage massage.

30 minutes (1 area) | £45
1 hour (2 areas) | £110
1 hour 30 minutes (3 areas) | £155

Lymphatic drainage helps to reduce swelling and aids with contouring by coaxing the lymph out of the tissues into the lymph nodes, aiding in detoxification. Unlike traditional massage light slow pressure is applied to mobilise lymph fluid that lays just beneath the surface of the skin. Dry body brushing prior to treatment and a toning mask is applied after drainage if needed.

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