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Skin Consultation




Master your Skincare Routine with our Virtual & In-house Consultations
Understand what your skin type is and what products are best suited to you.

What will we cover?

Our Skin Consultations identifies your exact Skin Type, Skin Needs and current Skin Health and Condition. We do this using Signature Skin Mapping and Coding Technique.

I will map out your Recommended Routine and full steps for your Morning and Evening Skincare. 

5 Simple Steps

Carry out an analysis to determine your Skin type and Skin condition. 

Identify your recommended Ingredients, such as, Oils, Extracts, Vitamins  & Acids, to incorporate into your Skincare, and also ingredients to avoid for your specific Skin Condition.

Discuss the needs of your skin.


I will develop an effective Skincare Routine for you for Day and Evening addressing all your Skin Needs. I will recommend Skincare Products customised to your Skin. We will go over all your current Skincare products to identify the ones that are useful and the ones that are ineffective, to improve your Skincare Routine.


You will get a Personalised Skincare Report which will include information on your Skin type, Skin Needs, Ingredients and and New Skincare Routine.

You will get Telephone & Email support for 1 month on your Personalised Routine.

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